Seeking Solutions for Patient Safety in the Cannabis Space

This paper will discuss some of the challenges faced by patients and adult users of cannabis in terms of inadequate guidance and counseling from qualified health providers, the less than clear scope of practice for dispensing agents and caregivers, and some of the negative impacts this lack of clarity presents for many of the players in the cannabis space. A discussion of the discontinuity of care between recommending healthcare providers and the medical marijuana dispensaries will be included. Recommendations for possible solutions to some of these issues and challenges will also be discussed.

My Cannabis and Pregnancy Story

I have had quite a few people reach out to me to ask about cannabis use during pregnancy. I provide the most current research literature and data, review known risks, potential risks, and potential benefits. And then the question floats up – “Have you used cannabis during pregnancy?” To this end, I’ve decided this article will be partially about me, because inquiring minds want to know. I also feel this is an important piece in the conversation surrounding cannabis and pregnancy.