How Intrusive CPS Visits Led To The Formation of The Family Law Cannabis Alliance

“Unfortunately, because the cannabis community support is lacking, FCLA is shutting down, becoming an archived educational and historical resource. While Arnold is discouraged by the lack of public conversation surrounding CPS involvement, she appreciates that other people are doing the work. One of those people is Marissa Fratoni, a cannabis nurse, educator, and advocate who helps parents make informed decisions about cannabis use. On her blog, Holistic Nurse Mama, Fratoni discusses things like the health effects and benefits of using cannabis, but says that the greatest risk for parents (using cannabis) is the possibility of CPS involvement.

“I feel that parents cannot make informed decisions about cannabis use without having thorough understanding of the social and legal consequences they may face as cannabis users,” Fratoni tells High Times, “I do my best to fill these gaps for parents who reach out to me either by directing them to a resource on my blog, or by consulting with them through””

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