“Should CBD Supplement A Child’s Vitamin Routine?”

I was interviewed by Diana-Ashley Krach at Civilized. to answer this very question. To read the whole article, click here

“Because of this, Marissa Fratoni, a holistic registered nurse and clinical director of CannaMommy, recommends that children get their nutrients from whole foods and adding hulled hemp seeds or hemp hearts as a superfood. While she does believe that hemp is a complete source of protein and amino acids, she doesn’t believe that CBD should be part of a seemingly healthy child’s regular routine. (It’s important to note, however, that most hemp-derived CBD products come from the bud or resinous parts of the plant, whereas hemp food products come from the seed, which contains little CBD, at all.)

“At this point, the data and evidence do not support the use of CBD as a supplement that can replace a multivitamin,” says Fratoni. “[But] if a child is struggling with a mental health condition like anxiety, behavioral issues related to attention deficit hyperactivity, pain, seizures, [and] sensory processing disorders, for example, then CBD may very well be indicated.”

She maintains that she is in favor of a child supplementing with CBD if medically necessary and says that parents should work with a qualified health provider who is knowledgeable in cannabinoid therapeutics. Working as a team, Fratoni says, a dosing schedule and treatment plan will develop over time to benefit the child. One of the biggest misconceptions about CBD is that it is intoxicating, she points out.

That misconception is what leads to the stigma that keeps parents from even considering CBD as a possibility. A lack of peer-reviewed research and age restrictions on CBD products (derived from marijuana, as opposed to hemp) make it seem like an illicit drug instead of a safe alternative, which is why parents choose not to give it to their children. Other parents, however, may choose not to supplement with any vitamins or alternate therapies, at all.

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