Who is Marissa Fratoni? 

For nearly twenty years, Marissa Fratoni has helped people walk their own healing paths while accounting for each individual’s own needs as a whole human. She is a holistic nurse and multi-disciplined health practitioner specializing in women’s health and behavioral health, further specializing in substance abuse and addiction.
Marissa is well-versed in complementary and alternative healing modalities including primary, patient-focused nursing, massage therapy, yoga and mindfulness practices, integrative and functional nutrition, and cannabinoid therapeutics. She has participated in the advancement of cannabinoid research for nurses and other health professionals as a member of several education and research committees with the American Cannabis Nurses Association. Marissa also writes for several cannabis publications including CannaHealth Magazine and 1000 Watts Magazine, and she has worked as a dispensing agent in a medical marijuana dispensary in her home state of Massachusetts. She has helped people struggling with chronic illnesses across the lifespan navigate the often murky waters that is the current cannabis space. She has helped people struggling with an extensive array of diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Lyme disease, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, opioid and pharmaceutical addiction, and alcohol dependence to integrate cannabinoid therapeutics into their conventional and holistic health regimens.
Through her experiences, she has seen many of her patients’ quality of life, as well as her own, improve greatly when cannabis therapy is implemented with guidance and oversight from qualified, supportive health professionals who prioritize the well-being of the patient. Marissa firmly believes that the integration of conventional and non-traditional care techniques is essential for healing the whole person. She also believes cannabis is necessary medicine and advocates for the therapeutic use of cannabis as often as she can.
When she’s not advocating for her patients and for parents who choose to use cannabis, educating her community about cannabis, and promoting holistic healing in conventional medical places, Marissa is the proud Mommy of two beautiful little girls and happy wife to her handsome home inspector husband. They have a flock of chickens who live in their backyard in Central Massachusetts, and a tuxedo kitty named Wylie who is always dressed to impress.

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