Can we talk about the children?


I wish I was kidding when I say that several times per month, I am contacted by a parent who has a child with a chronic condition that greatly impedes their life. Not just the poor afflicted child’s life, but the entire family’s life. These families tend to live in states where cannabis is illegal, or has extremely restrictive medical cannabis “programs.”

Some of the chronic conditions that these families face everyday of their lives include autism, seizure disorders, cancer, muscular dystrophy, and Lyme disease to name a few.

When these parents reach out to me, I do my best to guide them to the leading resources of information available so they can learn about whole-plant medical cannabis and make informed decisions for their struggling child. I always send links to the current research data, up-to-date medical journal articles, and current undergoing studies that I’m aware of. I will typically pull articles from mainstream media publishing houses too like Forbes and Bloomberg. And then I help connect these parents with families in similar situations on social media and via email.

170613-F-YW511-0145This always leads down the same path. Together, myself and a parent who will do anything for their ailing child broach the topic of how? How to gain access? How long will it take to determine cannabis medicine works or not? How will they leave their entire life behind so that one struggling family member may live the life they deserve?
Herein lies a major issue… 

These families are often teetering on the edge, where they desperately want to see if cannabis will help their kids, but they have to be really clear on everything they stand to lose. Including their parental rights, their livelihoods, and their freedom. These families risk breaking the law – cannabis remains a federally illegal, schedule 1 substance.

But as a parent, you’d do anything to help your suffering child. And these families often have no choice but to risk it all. They have exhausted all of the conventional treatments which are often steeped with severe side effects that significantly reduce their kid’s quality of life.

Need an example? I have too many, but here’s one with permission –

child-2842614_960_720I’ve been in touch with a Mom who said that she can’t bear to watch her son “take another seizure,” but she knows she will have to watch him seize everyday, sometimes upwards of a dozen times. Conventional treatments knock his seizures down by half, but the seizures that remain are detrimental to his growth and development. This family has tried full-spectrum CBD oil (cannabidiol) – a non-intoxicating cannabis product. The young boy enjoyed some symptom relief from the CBD, but not enough to reduce the seizures consistently. The fact remains, this Mom is desperate to relieve her son’s seizures so that he can enjoy the quality of life he deserves. So this summer, she’ll be packing up her entire life, uprooting her entire family, and moving to a state where her son can access whole-plant medical cannabis for a few months to see if it even works! That’s a lot of changes for an entire family to undergo simply so one family member can HOPEFULLY BENEFIT from cannabis!

Folks – this shouldn’t happen. This shouldn’t be happening. Families shouldn’t have to leverage everything they have ever known, everything they’ve worked hard for by placing themselves at serious legal risk on a hope and a prayer that a plant-based medicine will help their loved one. THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. It’s unconstitutional. Healing is a right, both human and constitutional.

So yeah…if you want to talk to me about the children, the concerns you have in regards to cannabis and the children, then this the discussion I will have with you. There are children who NEED this medicine. I don’t want healthy kids to have access and exposure to substances that could potentially harm them (hint – cannabis is the least of it), but I also don’t want to see children who NEED this medicine continue to suffer because this country has failed to develop sensible drug policy.

If this blog resonates with you and you’d like to help, please click below and let your elected officials know that marijuana policy reform needs to stay at the forefronts of their minds. Because no one should have to suffer, least of all children.

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