Our Under-served Patients Need Your Help

At the GreenNurse Group, we encounter patients every day who NEED our services, but cannot afford our services. Even if they can afford a consultation, accessing and affording the cannabis products and holistic services we recommend is not a possibility for these patients. These patient are our under-served patients.

Under-served patients exist in every community. They come from every walk of life. down-2995957_960_720 They are the sick and suffering children whose parents will do everything in their power to improve quality of life for their kids. In some cases, these parents are fighting for their child’s rights to heal and live. In some cases, these parents have to give up everything just to keep such a fight going.



Under-served patients too often cannot afford the basics, let alone care services that would help to improve their quality of life. They are the disabled adults who are unable to work due to their chronic conditions. They may be struggling to live well, they may very well be facing death. Making ends meet is difficult, such people may go without adequate necessities such as food, housing, and heat. Daily tasks for these patients are difficult at best, impossible at worst.

Under-served patients are the elderly who struggle to advocate for themselves. Too often, our elderly community members are isolated and lack the technological know-how to connect in this modern age of social media, online shopping, and texting.  The ailing elderly grandma-2657142_960_720tend to be over-medicated and left to struggle with the side effects, adverse reactions, and trappings of poly-pharmacy. Daily tasks for these patients may be all things challenging or not feasible at all. And basic resources may also be lacking.


Under-served patients are our Veterans. Twenty-two Veterans will commit suicide TODAY because PTSD, mental health conditions, and other psychiatric disorders related to their time and experience in the military are under-treated, or poorly treated by conventional medicine. Our Veterans are struggsoldier-708711_960_720ling to live presently. Our Veterans are struggling to find their place back in civilian life. In some cases, our Veterans have been struggling for decades. Our Veterans have given so much – they deserve much better.


We know cannabis and other holistic therapies will improve the lives of our under-served patients, but we need your help to achieve this mission!

Please visit our website to learn more about what we do at the GreenNurse Group. And if you feel so inclined, reach out to me via email to learn how you can help the under-served members of your community. Together, we can make a difference. Let’s do it!

The GreenNurse Group

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