Leading Together – Introducing Elevate New England

It’s not uncommon to find educated, talented people doing their thing in the cannabis space. Indeed, it’s a new industry with a lot of impassioned people coming together to develop the various components that comprise what is, and what will be the local cannabis industry. Leading the charge are three women who not only represent the movers, the shakers, the game-changers in this budding new industry, they are invested in helping others lead shoulder to shoulder with them, especially populations of people who have experienced less than equitable opportunity in New England communities previously.

Who are these trailblazers that you’ll need to know about? They are the founders of ELEVATE New England, an organization created to support the New England cannabis industry’s need for workforce and community education, advocacy, and networking in a professional, inviting atmosphere. Ready to be impressed? Meet the women who have developed this incredible platform designed to be inclusive, educational, and above all, empowering for anyone who wants to get involved.

Leading ladies of ELEVATE New England

Beth Waterfall, the Executive Director of Elevate New England, is a creative marketing and communications mogul with an extensive background in highly regulated industries. She is a Managing Director for the New England Cannabis Conventions – the largest gatherings of cannabis and hemp professionals in the northeast. She is also the former chairwoman for Women Grow Boston. This is important to know because Women Grow Boston acted as the springboard these women needed to develop and launch Elevate New England. Women Grow Boston was a wonderful success, but as a national platform, it proved to be restrictive for developing the local cannabis community network. A more open and inclusive platform that gave back to the local community was needed. As a result, Elevate New England was born. And the local cannabis community is fortunate!

TaShonda Vincent-Lee is Elevate New England’s Treasurer. She is a leader with a diverse background ranging from the behavioral health field to community outreach, political initiative/grass roots campaign development. Most recently, Tashonda was the political campaign manager for Tito Jackson’s Boston mayoral campaign. Beth will be the first to tell you that Tashonda was the first volunteer for Women Grow Boston and she continues to be an empowering force in her current venture with Elevate New England. Tashonda lends her leadership skills as well as her passion for political education, advocacy, and activism to the Elevate New England platform.


Cara Crabb-Burnham is Elevate New England’s Secretary with a broad background in cannabis education. To say she is a cannabis educator is an understatement. Indeed, Cara is a pioneer in her profession and field. She has developed cannabis education programs for local and online organizations. She has served as the elected President and Director of MassCANN/Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition. With her oversight, Elevate New England will serve the community on the educational front by making sure cannabis consumers are well-informed and cannabis business owners, operators, and employees are trained properly to ensure that this industry sets, meets, and exceeds standards of quality and integrity.

Elevate New England opportunities are abundant and boundless

Elevate New England launched early in 2018, but the opportunities flowing out of this networking platform are already quite extensive. Look for educational programs and networking events to pop up all over New England for starters. Some of the markets that will enjoy an Elevate New England affiliation include Connecticut, Providence, RI and Portland, ME.

If you are interested in participating in the local cannabis industry – marketing partnerships, sponsorship opportunities, focus groups opportunities, and opportunities to have products reviewed by Elevate New England’s leadership and advisory boards are just a few offerings on the table to help you connect your product or service with your targeted audience.

Ready to sign up and become a member? Individual memberships are being offered for just $99 until May 2018. And business membership offerings are reasonable which is a testament to the inclusive nature of this soon to be nonprofit organization.

Not ready to sign up but want to get involved? Volunteer opportunities exist too.

Don’t miss this chance to be empowered and encouraged to lead in this exciting new industry. Elevate New England exists for the good of the cannabis industry. Indeed, Elevate New England’s mission is to empower underrepresented populations to work and lead in the cannabis industry, and to empower our communities to be educated customers and responsible consumers.

To learn more about Elevate New England, visit ElevateNewEngland.com

Special thanks to Beth, Cara, and Tashonda for taking the time to speak with me about this wonderful organization. Stay ELEVATED ladies!

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