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It’s a snow day here in central Massachusetts. I’ve spent the morning on the phone with some really incredible women involved in the cannabis industry. I’m getting organized for a very eventful February. And I have some very exciting news to share with you in this regard. I was gonna write about all of the above today.

And then this kiddo crawls on to my lap and reminds me that she’s not gonna be this small forever. She will not want to crawl on my lap and give me this look forever. Okay, she might give me this look forever, but it will most certainly mean different things as we progress through this life thing together. Today, she just wants her Mommy to play, to do yoga, and to snuggle. So I’m going to get us bundled up and outside for a little snow play, or a trip to the mall for some non-snow play in the indoor playground. Whatever Little Miss Personality decides. If you were faced with this look, wouldn’t you step away from the laptop and realize that these moments won’t last forever?

As always dear readers, wishing you a bright and beautiful day! Even if the sky won’t stop spewing snowflakes. Lots of them. Much love, many hugs. Namaste <3

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