Manifesting My Destiny

So I’ve always been a procrastinator. It’s an interesting dichotomy…having a type A personality, and also being a rather talented procrastinator. Procrastination gets really out of hand when I’m stressed. It’s easier to quietly push a challenging task or assignment off to the side while I’m struggling with an anxious, busy, and unproductive mind. Yet procrastination is one of the habits that lead me to this place.

How did I get here? Well…I slipped off the self-care tracks that I started just a few months ago. Two weeks of limited meditation sits and not enough time on my yoga mat to fill my own cup = brain foggy and restless me. Not to mention the Halloween candy and the role sugar plays in my mind, body, and soul feeling sluggish and icky. Yuck.

Thankfully, I meditated earlier. It was a 5 minute sit after my family was up and running for the day. It was loud, and full of distraction. But it did help and I came away with the immortal words of the Doors ringing through my head – “The time to hesitate is through.” It melds nicely with the songs from the full-length, animated feature “Sing” which have invaded my brain for months. But parents – if you’ve got kids and you haven’t seen “Sing,” it’s available on Netflix right now.

Anywho…I’ve decided that procrastination needs to cease. It’s time to really hone in on creating something valuable and important to me. And to me, taking care of my community is what’s important. It’s time for me to really pull down the entrepreneur hat and make my dreams happen. I know I can make a difference in my community and others near and far. I am telling you this so that there is a record of me saying – This is it! I’m doing it! No more screwing around. Procrastination banished!

As always dear readers, thank you for being here. Thank you for keeping me accountable. I am grateful for you and your support. Much love, many hugs. Namaste <3

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