Day 84: Cannabis Helps People With Autism

Cannabis helps people who struggle with autism. I’ve encountered several adult patients who have enjoyed great relief from symptoms. One patient I’ve encountered spoke to his parents for the first time in 23 years following administration of CBD. The first thing he said? “Mom, I want a cookie.”

Many children who struggle with autism have severe behavioral issues. They are often prescribed anti-psychotic medications and sedatives to reduce symptoms. In too many cases, these treatments are ineffective and dangerous. CBD – Cannabidiol – is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that many families seek on their own when conventional treatments fail. It is safer than pharmaceutical medications without life-threatening side effects. It should be a first line treatment for these families, not a last resort.

Unfortunately, there is a great deficit in the literature related to cannabis treatment for children struggling with autism. Good news though!  A study coming out of Israel holds a great deal of promise for children who are struggling with autism and the families who love them. Haaretz, an Israeli publication features Dr. Adi Aran – a pediatric neurologist – and a review of some of his findings to date. Find that article here!

page1-522px-US-patent-6630507.pdfResearchers are beginning to understand how cannabis helps people who are struggling with autism. We know that cannabis is (likely) the strongest neuroprotectant and antioxidant in the world. You know who else does? The U.S. government! Check out the patent the government has on cannabis. And then consider this problem –  the DEA says that cannabis has no therapeutic or medicinal value. Hmmm….🤔 Hypocritical much?!?

As always dear readers – Wishing you a bright and beautiful day! Thanks for reading and for sharing! Much love, many hugs. Namaste ❤

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