Day 79: All We Need Is Love

I’m going full-on, peace, loving hippie today. (Okay, I am a peace-loving, hippie every day.) Anyhow, there’s just too much conflict and lack of understanding for each other and our experiences. Social media is overflowing with such disharmony. We’re not listening to each other. We’re not learning from each other. We’re just hell bent on stating our opinions, and pointing fingers, and not listening to the response. So in the name of peace, and love, and respect, understanding, and kindness for our fellow human beings, here’s an awesome cover of the Beatles’ song – All You Need Is Love. For me, this strong is a reminder that we do only need simple things to be well, to feel alive, and to feel integrated into our community. In this politically charged environment, I feel like we’ve lost our way a bit. But we will find it again. All we need is love.

As always my dear readers, hope your day has been an awesome one, full of kindness and good things. Much love, many hugs. Namaste <3

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