Day 77: Dr. Oz Believes Medical Cannabis Is The Solution to the Opioid Crisis

I have been cheering and clapping for days!!! Because cannabis (the industry, the patients, the advocates, the practitioners) got a serious player on our side…Dr. Mehmet Oz of The Doctor Oz Show has made his position clear on this issue. He even started a petition asking to quadruple the funding so the National Institutes of Health can research medical cannabis as a solution to the opioid crisis.

Please watch the video, please sign the petition. Because people are dying, and families are being torn apart. As Dr. Oz stated – 90 people will die today from opioid overdose. This is not about hippies smoking their favorite herb, this is about ensuring the safety and well-being of the loved ones in our community who are struggling with a chronic disease, or addiction, or both. If we don’t save each other, no one else will.

Let’s help Dr. Oz utilize his giant platform to improve funding so that we can prevent further damage, destruction, and deaths related to this horrific opioid epidemic.

As always dear readers – Much love, many hugs. If you are struggling – please know that you are not alone. Your community is here, please reach out. I am a member of your community, so please reach out. You’ll be greeted without judgement – only kindness and a willingness to help. ❤️

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