Day 76: I Quit Smoking Cigarettes With The Help of Cannabis

I quit smoking cigarettes in February 2006. February 26, 2006 to be exact. I tried nicotine patches which made me nauseous. I tried gum which was horrible for my tense jaw. I even tried to quit cold turkey at least eight times without any success. And then, I realized that I had cannabis to help me through. My nicotine/tobacco addicted brain was able to make the mental shift toward reducing and eliminating this nasty habit because I had access to cannabis. I simply decided that if my brain and body so desired something smoke-able, I would only smoke cannabis in the evening, when the day was done and I had nothing to do but unwind and rest. I would smoke a bowl or two, or a small joint instead of 5-8 cigarettes per day. It worked to help me achieve my quit goal, but it also reduced withdrawal symptoms greatly.

It’s been over eleven years since I smoked a cigarette. In fact, I cannot believe that I ever smoked tobacco! Just getting a whiff of it now gives me a little bit of a headache.

Now, I am not suggesting that smoking anything is good for you, or beneficial to your health. There are studies that have indicated that people who smoke cannabis have impaired lung function. There are also studies that indicate people who consume cannabis have better lung function than people who do not smoke anything at all! So the jury is still out. However, we treat many types of drug addiction (nicotine/tobacco addiction is a drug addiction) with other drugs. So I just wanna say – Why not cannabis to treat nicotine/tobacco addiction? Why not cannabis to treat all kinds of addiction?

Stay tuned folks. More about this pondering soon! Hope everyone had a beautiful day! Much love, many hugs. Namaste <3


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