Day 71: I Dreamed of This

Photographer:  Andrew Fontaine

I loved you before you were even here, before you were even a thought in my remote consciousness. I dreamed of the days that I would hold you, and breathe in your intoxicating baby scent, and snuggle with you. I wished for days spent making one mess together, cleaning that up, and making another mess together. No really, I wished for this! I waited for the days that you would say “I love you too Mommy.”

Those days are here. All the blessings, all the fun, all of the silly, all of the laughs, all of the farting noises. All of the sweet “love you” moments are right here, right now. I dreamed of you my Little. I dreamed of you, I wished for you. I’ve always loved you. Thank you for helping me stay here in the present moment. Thank you for making me a Momma. I love you more than any page (or blog post) could hold.

And to my amazing Hubby – my rock, my best friend, my life partner…you make me better. You help me be a better human being, a better person, a better me. And I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for all you do for this little family of ours. You are home for me and Little Miss. Thank you for being our home. We love you. <3


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