PSA for Bodyworkers – CBD Oil Helps Clients and Your Hands Too!!!

So I know I spend a lot of time professing my love for the Healing Rose’s products. And you would think that I’m an affiliate or something. Nope. Just a huge fan and a customer for life over here. Because these products work! They work to relieve tension and pain by stimulating CB-2 receptors (cannabinoid receptors located throughout the immune system and organs like the skin.) And the organic oils that comprise these products are delicious, nourishing oils that make your skin look and feel amazing!

So this weekend at the Boston Freedom Rally, I visited The Healing Rose’s booth and scooped up another armload of the Healing Rose’s products. I picked up two bottles of their Massage and Body Oils. And another Roll-On Blend. (Special shout out to my hubby who dutifully paid for these products without question! 😉 )

Yesterday, I got to try out my new Massage and Body Oils on a massage therapy client. My client was very pleased, relaxed, stated that it was the best massage she’s ever had at the end of the session. Always my goal when I am giving a massage! But then I realized directly after the massage, MY HANDS DIDN’T ACHE!!!

You see, I’ve been massaging people for 17 years. I don’t know how many people I’ve massaged, but it’s a lot. My hands usually ache after I give a massage. I usually have to ice my hands, or massage the tension out myself. For the first time in years (probably over a decade), I walked away from a massage session with hands that weren’t sore, and tired, and cranky, and achy!!! My hands benefited from the Healing Rose’s products immensely! Even this morning, my hands feel great! Wow! I am so impressed. Way to go lovelies over at the Healing Rose! You guys really have something amazing here. Keep up the great work!!!

So here’s my PSA – If you’re a massage therapist, or a bodyworker and you want hands that don’t feel all the wear and tear that your career has caused them over the years, you NEED THE HEALING ROSE’S MASSAGE & BODY OIL!!! Your clients will love how they feel, and your hands/wrists/arms or any part of your body that comes in contact with this oil during your session may actually feel better when you’re finished!!! Learn more about these products here!

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