Day 68: Video – Boston Freedom Rally – My Speech

Here it is folks! There were nerves, there were jitters, and there was serious emotion flowing through me. This is my passion, this is my life’s work. I have been helping and empowering others to heal for 17 years. I think it all bubbled up and out of me on stage. I am proud of this accomplishment. I am proud of myself. And I look forward to doing it again (speaking publicly) – sans clipboard! The goal was to educate, empower, and embrace. The goal was to let people know that there are health practitioners like me who understand the therapeutic value of cannabis. Goal met.

To my dear husband Mark – Thank you for walking this path with me. You are my partner in life, in love, and some minor crimes on occasion. Thank you for supporting me in my crazy adventures! Thank you for capturing this event in both photos and video!

And Darby – aka Dad – Thanks for coming out and watching me do my thing too! Love you!

As always dear readers/watchers – Hope your Monday is being kind to you! Much love, many hugs. Namaste <3

Featured photo – From Right to Left: Maggie Kinsella of Maggie’s Other Farm; Laura Beohner of The Healing Rose; and Me! So honored to be among these powerful women in my tribe!!!



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