Day 67: My Boston Freedom Rally Speech 

Hubby waiting with me backstage

I did it! I’ll be sharing the video and photos of my speech in the coming days! I have so much to process. What a great weekend! For tonight, here’s the writing that I brought up on stage with me. Attached to a clipboard. Because nurses loves clipboards! 

Hello Boston Freedom Rally

My name is Marissa Fratoni. I am here to tell you that I am proud to be a Cannabis Nurse. In case you were wondering, we do exist. There are nurses like me who understand the therapeutic value of cannabis and our numbers are growing. There are nurses like me who are dedicated to helping people  gain a better understanding of the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid therapeutics. So let me quickly tell you how I came to stand on this side of the fence. Well, the grass is greener! And kinder! All puns intended! But seriously… I’ve used cannabis for years. I’m a fan! And I’m not only a Cannabis Nurse, I’m patient too. Cannabis helps me to relieve chronic pain, helps me to sleep, helps me to quell anxiety, and lifts my mood through depression.

But I must tell you that it was my patients who brought me into this part of my career. In my work as a visiting nurse, I often encountered patients who were enjoying a great deal of relief from their symptoms using cannabis. Many of my patients were taking exceedingly high doses of narcotics and opiates just so they could numb their pain. This would typically render them zombies without any quality of life to speak of. And too often, I was concerned that I would find these patients dead or struggling to breathe because of opioid overdose.

Many of my patients had complicated disease states that were further complicated by pharmaceutical medications. The ones who were using cannabis though? They were reducing the amounts of pharmaceutical medications needed to treat their symptoms. They were regaining function like the ability to walk, despite prognoses that stated such things would never happen. My patients who used cannabis rated their pain at far lower levels than the patients who were taking opiates. My patients who used cannabis were doing better than the patients who did not.

So ultimately, it was my patients who led me here to this path of my nursing career. My patients showed me that cannabis not only provides relief from an ever growing list of diseases, but it also improves quality of life. And honestly, every nurse wants their patients to have an improved quality of life.

In just a few minutes at 3pm, I will be giving a presentation about cannabis, chronic pain, and yoga in tent 1 over in the Education Village. Please join me!

Boston Freedom Rally – Thank you for taking a few minutes to listen to me! Cannabis relieves suffering! Cannabis heals!  Healing is a right! IT IS NOT A PRIVILEGE, IT IS A RIGHT!!!  Keep it legal so that WE CAN HEAL THE PEOPLE!!!

Much love. Namaste.

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