Day 64: Boston Freedom Rally Happening Today, Tomorrow, & Sunday

19693546_10155606514107249_5243542851646532417_oI’m catching up and preparing for the Boston Freedom Rally which kicked off moments ago on the Boston Common! I’ve had a very hard time with focus and getting ready for this event. And I learned a valuable lesson this week…when you’re a Momma…DO NOT COUNT ON HAVING ANY TIME TO PREPARE FOR ANYTHING! USE WHAT TIME YOU HAVE WHEN YOU HAVE IT. Your little may need all of that time and you will be limping to the finish line.

So anyway…I will be there and I will do the very best I can! But folks, I gotta go. Gotta get back to that prep!

Here’s an article that discusses the music act lineup!

Here’s the Education Village Schedule – That’s where you’ll find me!  Hope to see you there! As always dear readers – much love, many hugs. Namaste <3

P.S. I’ll be speaking for a few minutes on the Parkman Bandstand – Stage 2 on Sunday, September 17th at 2:50pm.

Panel Schedule

Friday Panels
Time Topic
6:30 PM Backcountry Yoga at the BFR
  Live Acoustic Yoga
Friday, 6:30pm 


Saturday Panels
Time Topic/panelists
12:00 PM CannaFamily Values
Moderator Donna Hackett
  Robert Marcelonis
Samantha Marcelonis
Paula Renee Elferus
Don Fusco
1:00 PM Veterans
Moderator Bobby West (Uncle Stoner)
  Sara Stenuf
  Dakota Blue Serna (Colin Dakota)
  Mike Whiter
  David Duhart
  Brian Austin
2:00 PM Extractions
Moderator Bobby Nuggz
Mila Jansen
Addison Demoulas
Jonah Tacoma
Kyle Correao
Sean Black
Tyler Brides
Brett Sack
3:00 PM CTE’s and Head Traumas
Moderator Dr Uma Dhanabalan
Bob Lobel
Mikey Adams
Dr Greg LaBranche
3:30 PM Smoke ‘n Flow with Gabby!
Yoga On grassy knoll (with 4:20!)
4:00 PM Hemp
Moderator John Dvorak
Joy Beckerman
Dr Erik Hunter
Ras Iyah V
Alan Bachers – UMass Hemp Initiative
5:00 PM Hemp Fashion Show
6:00 PM Speaker Mixer
Illegally Alive: The Movie


Panels Sunday
Time Topic/panelists
12:00 PM Current Cannabis Law
Moderator Andy Gaus
  Alex Mendez
  Shanel Lindsay
  Will Luzier
  Richard Evans
  Jackson Hall
1:00 PM Entrepreneurship and Joining the Cannabis Industry
Moderator Cara Crabb Burnham
Bill Downing
Tiffany Hogan
Joseph Gilmore
Laura Boehner
2:00 PM From Prohibition to the New Local Economy: How to Start Your Own Cannabis Co-operative
Moderator Sonia Espinosa
Linda Noel
Mathew Libby
Kathryn Rifkin
Paul Brennan
Miguel Cordon
3:00 PM Local Control: Community Involvement in the Cannabis Industry
Moderator Joe Gilmore (Students for Sensible Drug Policy)
Kamani Jefferson (Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council)
Marion McNabb (Cannabis Community Care and Research Network)
Paul Brennan (New England Grass Roots Institute)
4:00 PM Advancing Science related to medical Cannabis to create a Center of Excellence in the Commonwealth
Moderator Marion McNabb, PhD DPH
Dr Uma Dhanabalan
Michael Latulippe
Nichole Snow
5:00 PM Veteran’s Issues
Chris Foye
Ellen Brown
Kyle (Elmo) Corrao




Friday  Presentation
time Tent 1
300 Alex Mendez Lawyer and Senate Candidate
400 Jennifer Grue – Muffin’s Apothocary
500 Laura Beohner – The Healing Rose
time Tent 2
315 Kyle Corrao (Elmo) Homegrown Healthcare
415 Gerald Azenaro – Fogg Flavor Labs (Terpenes)
515 Power Grow Jeff Wheeler
615 Perry Bailes ( – Grow Room Safety and Success
time Tent 3
300 Kamani Jefferson – Mass Rec Consumer Council
400 Beth Waterfall – Women Grow
500 John Dvorak – Hemp
600 Pete Tranchemontagne – How to Get a Bill passed
time Tent 4
315 Steven Hager/Busy Bee (music)
415 Coltyn Turner (Illegally Alive) and Family
515 Laura Notini – Intro to Cooking with Cannabis
615 Sonia Espinosa – MRCC


Saturday  Presentations
time Tent 1
1200 Steven Hager/Busy Bee
100 Hon Diane Russell – Candidate for Maine Governorship
200 Coltyn Turner (Illegally Alive) and Family
300 Ras Iyah V and Professor Charles Nesson
400 Holly Alberti – Evans – Healthy Headie
500 Yvonne Kemp – Edibles and Extractions
600 Dr. Greg LaBranche – Cannabis and opiod addiction
time Tent 2
1215 Power Grow Jeff Wheeler
115 Sensimilla Seminars – Ellen Taylor Brown
215 Gerald Azenaro – Fogg Flavor Labs (Terpenes)
315 Spiro Regas – Cannabis Business Opportunities
415 Vanessa Marie Graber – Half Baked Radio
515 Perry Bailes ( – Grow Room Safety and Success
615 UMass CRC – Robin Striar
time Tent 3
1200 Addison DeMoura – Steep Hill/Advanced Nutrients “Organic Alternatives to Pesticides”
100 John Dvorak – Hemp
200 Alan Bachers (UMass Hemp Initiative and Erik Hunter, PHD (HEMP)
300 Michael Latulippe – MPAA – Patient Concerns for Advisory Board
400 Sandra Thibodeau – CannaBizOps
500 Marion McNabb, DrPH, MPH (C3RN) Soil Home Grow Demonstration panel
600 Daniel Fishman – WRKO Liberty on the Air
time Tent 4
1215 Dan Johnson – We Do Better/Tax Revolution Institute
115 Scott Churchill – MCR Labs
215 Carolyn Kaufman – Without The Weight (MS patient)
315 Steve Bloom – Freedom Leaf Magazine
415 Marissa Fratoni – Cannabis Nurse 
515 Laura Notini – Introduction to Dabbing safety



Sunday Presentations
time Tent 1
1200 Steven Hager/Busy Bee
100 Ras Iyah V and Professor Nesson
200 Coltyn Turner (Illegally Alive) and Family
300 Marissa Fratoni – Cannabis Nurse 
400 Laura Beohner – The Healing Rose
500 Melissa Bouchard – Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center
600 Terry Hopper – WPKN Radio (on College Radio Activism).
time Tent 2
1215 Mathew Kipp – Crucial Biology
115 Holly Alberti – Evans – Healthy Headie
215 Gerald Azenaro – Fogg Flavor Labs (Terpenes)
315 Sandra Thibodeau – CannaBizOps
415 Peter Bernard – Mass Growers Advocacy Council
515 Pam Staley – Cannapages
615 Gabriela Cartagena
time Tent 3
1200 Jennifer Grue – Muffin’s Apothecary
100 Jeff Herman – Former United Nations.
200 Mike Khan – MCR Labs
300 Shanel Lindsay – Ardent
400 Beth Waterfall – Women Grow
500 Kamani Jefferson – Mass Rec Consumer Council
600 Kyle Corrao (Elmo) Homegrown Healthcare
time Tent 4
1215 Mila Jansen – Dab a Doo
115 Chris Goldstein Veteran/Philly NORML
215 Brett Cogill – Greenleaf Magazine
325 Mike Crawford – The Young Jurks
415 Pete Tranchemontagne – How to Get a Bill passed


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