Day 62: Toddler on the Mend

Convalescing Toddler

We slept last night. Peacefully, no night wakings. No severe coughing fits for this sweet baby. Just lots of sleep and snuggles. We all needed it so much, and we got it!

Thank goodness for the Network of Moms. I capitalize this network because I’m sure it exists everywhere. Moms ready, willing, and immediately able to help another Mom out in the throes of crisis, in the face of terrifying respiratory dysfunction. Or for that matter, anything else that might come up. My own incredible network came through for us last night, as we learned late last evening that we would not be receiving our compressor which was urgently ordered by our family nurse practitioner.

So we borrowed a dear friend’s nebulizer compressor and administered our first at home dose of inhaled corticosteroids last evening. Toddler Girl’s lung cleared considerably which brought on deep breaths and sweet sleep. Again, thank goodness we had resources – other Moms – to reach out to. Otherwise, we would’ve ended up in the ER with compromised, labored breathing. Dear Momma who gave us this compressor, thank you my love. Thank you.

Today – Little Miss Toddler Girl is still congested, she’s got a slight fever. And absolutely no energy. But she’s breathing a little easier and asked for water and a waffle. Baby steps to wellness.

Dear readers – thank you for sending the healing vibes, the well-wishes, and the prayers! We appreciate them! We’re taking it one day at a time and hoping that sweet bubs is back to her playful, energetic, awesome little self really, really soon!

Much love, many hugs. Namaste ❤️

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