Day 60: Boston Freedom Rally Presentation and Speaking Times

19693546_10155606514107249_5243542851646532417_oThe Boston Freedom Rally kicks off in just a few days and I just wanted to update you on my scheduled presentation times, and when I will be speaking on stage.

On Saturday, 9/16/17 in the Education Village – Tent 4 at 4:15pm – I will be giving a presentation developed by American Cannabis Nurses Association President-Elect – Dr. Carey Clark. (Thank you for allowing me to use this presentation Carey!) This presentation will center on using cannabis as an alternative to opioid based pain treatment.

On Sunday, 9/17/17 – I will be appearing on stage 2 – the Parkman Bandstand – for a quick 3 minute speaking engagement at 2:50pm. Directly after this speaking engagement, I will be presenting Dr. Clark’s ACNA presentation in the Education Village – Tent 1 at 3pm.

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the above, or the Boston Freedom Rally in general. And let me know if you’ll be there!!!

As always dear readers, have a wonderful day! Much love, many hugs. Namaste <3


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