Day 59: Federal Protections for Medical Cannabis Patients at Risk


Dear Readers,

Today’s blog post is a call to action. A call to contact your elected officials. A call to implore members of Congress to do the right thing and continue to protect medical cannabis patients, and the new, burgeoning cannabis industry.

In 2014, Congress passed the Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment which protects just about anyone involved in the medical marijuana industry from prosecution from the federal government. Specifically, the amendment prevents the U.S. Department of Justice from spending federal funds to enforce the federal prohibition laws in states where medical marijuana has been legalized. To date, 29 states and the District of Columbia (DC) have legalized medical marijuana programs.

The protections extend and stand for medical marijuana businesses, dispensaries, physicians, advocates, patients. The amendment, and the protections it provides, end on September 30, 2017. And the House of Representatives, specifically a committee called the House Rules Committee just dropped the ball, blocking this amendment. So basically, this committee has willfully and deliberately ignored the will of the American people which overwhelmingly agree that medical marijuana use among adults is completely necessary and accepted.

These protections are critical to protect everyone involved in this movement, in this new and developing industry. But it is especially critical to protect the patients who depend on this plant medicine to reduce and relieve symptoms of chronic disease and illness. It is especially critical to protect people who use this plant to improve their quality of life. Millions of people are at risk.

So when you have a chance, please take a minute to send a letter to Congress. NORML has provided a letter. You just need go to the NORML website, fill in your information, and click send. Orrr….to have a little bit of fun with this…Click on Attorney General Sessions’ mug to send your letter today! And then share!!! Thank you!!!

As always dear readers, much love, many hugs.


A Good Person Who Smokes Marijuana



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