Day 56: The Pain Relieving Magic of Yoga & Cannabis

I am not sure if I slept, or if I just laid down for 8 hours and pretended to sleep. I’m thinking the latter. My struggle with insomnia continues and at this point, after a fricken ridiculous amount of time without adequate rest, my body is just stiff, and tense, and full of spasm in some areas. I needed to treat my symptoms for a prayer at functioning through the day with Little Miss Toddler Girl. We have adventures to go on, so Mommy’s pain can’t keep us down.

So I medicated with a few inhales of a hybrid strain, applied some of the Healing Rose’s CBD Herbal Extra Strength Salve on my neck, drank a little less than a quart of warm water, and then I stepped onto my yoga mat. Directly after I stepped onto my yoga mat, Little Miss Toddler Girl ran from the other side of the house to join me on my yoga mat. Our session was effective – I was able to work through the tension, and relieve the headache, and release a great deal of strain in my low back.

The Healing Rose – CBD Herbal Extra Strength Salve

Thank goodness -I’m happy to report that I feel better. It only took a little cannabis administered via inhalation and topically, some water, and 15 minutes of toddler-assisted yoga.

Dear readers, I hope you have a wonderful day. I hope you have everything you need to get through the challenges that face you today and always.

Much love, many hugs. Namaste <3

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