Day 55: Hurricane Irma

This morning, Hurricane Irma is moving through the Caribbean and meteorological projections now have it moving right through the center of Florida sometime over the weekend. It’s the most dangerous hurricane on record. It’s a category 5 – there is not typically a category 6 hurricane, but Irma seems to be pushing those limits with hurricane force winds clocked at 185mph. Hurricane Irma is a massive storm that is currently the size of Ohio or Florida depending on the analysis. The storm is roughly the width of Florida.

I have a great deal of loved ones in Florida. My heart and mind are with them right now as they prepare for a possible direct hit from this ginormous storm.

So dear readers, I am dedicating this blog post to the victims of Hurricane Irma as she has already raked over many Caribbean Islands and is heading toward Puerto Rico. I am dedicating this blog post to those struggling to put their lives back together after Hurricane Harvey’s hit in Houston. Finally, my heart and mind sits with everyone who is suffering at the hands of Mother Nature today. So much of the world seems to literally be on fire, or underwater, or getting knocked around by strong-winds and tornadoes. If you are directly impacted by these natural disasters, I hope you are safe and that you have all of your needs met at the very least. Prayers and love and healing energy are being sent. In the face of natural disasters, it’s all we have sometimes.

Stay safe my dearly loved ones. I love you. <3

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