Day 53: Waving the White Flag to Insomnia & Pain 

There have been too many nights of crappy sleep lately. There has been too much pain lately. Lately has been too much lately.

So, last night, panic woke me up from a deep sleep before 1am. I was able to breathe through the deep anxious sensations circulating through my body. I got up to go potty, returned to bed, and  then struggled to get back to sleep. I meditated, counted sheep, counted blessings, prayed to God, prayed to Goddess, prayed to Buddah, prayed to the Universe, prayed to Unicorns,  recounted song lyrics to albums I haven’t listened to in years, watched my family sleep peacefully, stared at the ceiling blankly for a while, and somehow fell back into a light, shitty sleep. Gah. Insomnia sucks. Insomnia with anxiety features sucks even worse.

I’m exhausted. So today – I need to rest. I also really need to get a few things done today. I’ll be trying to take a cat nap and see how it goes. 20 minutes in Little Miss Toddler Girl’s room sounds lovely! (She has a very comfy bed and room darkening shades. Someday, she’ll even sleep in this room too! 🙂 )

Dear readers – I hope you feel better than I do. Happy Labor Day. Much love, many hugs. Namaste ❤️

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