Day 52: Peaceful Sunday

It’s pouring rain today and my inclination is to hibernate when it’s dark, rainy, kind of cold. But – It’s Sunday and there’s fun to be had today. We will meet up with my Darby, aka Dad, aka Grampy at his church followed by brunch at one of our favorite places. And then Little Miss Toddler Girl will head to Nonni and Papa’s (aka Hubby’s folks) for a visit so that Hubby and me can enjoy some time as a couple this afternoon. So I’ve got to go and get ready for the day. There is much fun to be had…and snacks to be packed, and diapers, emergency clothes, and a hoodie to be stuffed into the diaper bag, and maybe a few minutes alone in a hot shower. And maybe the bed will make itself. And maybe the house will clean itself. Hey, a Momma can wish, right?

As always dear readers, I wish you a fun and relaxing Sunday! Much love, many hugs. Namaste <3

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