Day 49: This Blessed Life

We ventured to the Cape for an evening. We ventured to a little motel where the ocean was only a few steps away from where we slept. We ventured to relax, and to throw rocks into the ocean, and to make sand castles that were quickly dismantled by Little Miss Toddler Girl-Zilla. We ventured to the beach to meet up with a friend who happens to be an incredible photographer. And that incredible artist, that incredible person who happens to be an amazing photographer captured us as we maneuvered through a moment in our blessed life. So this post is dedicated to Mr. Fontaine. Thank you for visiting us and for giving us such a wonderful gift. We will cherish this photo for a lifetime. And Mr. Fontaine – your talents are boundless good sir. Thank you for sharing those talents with us! Grateful truly doesn’t cover it.

Check Andrew Fontaine’s photography out here

As always dear readers – Wishing you a bright and beautiful day! Much love, many hugs. Namaste <3

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