Day 48: My Active Healing Practice 

Healing happened in this yoga practice thanks to the influence of cannabis. I was having a hard time moving prior to practice as the days have been cooler. The absence of heat and humidity = tension and pain and stiffness along my spine. I had a great deal of tension in my mid-back and an ever present tension headache from TMD/TMJ.

A self-care session was in order. I medicated with cannabis and stepped onto my yoga mat. I was able to work through this practice and release tension along my spine. My hips are misaligned, right hip is moved forward. I was able to feel the misalignment well as a result of mindful introspection provided by cannabis. This conceptualization allows me to work toward aligning my hips by strengthening my core and glutes and extensors, and lengthening shortened hip flexors. And as an added bonus, when I reviewed the video, I noted that my feet weren’t fully extended and often rotated out of alignment. So strengthening and lengthening needs to happen there too.

Awareness brought on by cannabis helped me to find space in my body with breath. It also helped me to use  breath to release tension in areas that are often challenging to locate. I was able to release the mid-back tension with breath through deep twists.

So that practice happened yesterday. I slept through the night and did wake up feeling stiff, but I was able to meditate sitting up tall. I was able to breathe tension away from my spine in my sit.

Cannabis and yoga help me to reduce, relieve, and manage pain. I am grateful for the ability to make myself feel better.

Thanks for reading and watching. Much love, many hugs. Namaste ❤️

P.S. Say hi to my hubby near the end of the video! 😊

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