Day 47: Hakuna Matata

Good Evening Dear Readers – I needed to rest this morning. My mind was sluggish. I went to my Tuesday morning aerial yoga class and came home. I felt better, but still not able to write. The seasons are changing here and as a result, my body is stiff and creaky. My back aches. And I had a tension headache per usual. So self-care was the priority. So I decided to medicate and step onto my mat. I worked out quite a bit in this practice. I was able to get deep into muscles and feel the misalignment in my hips. I noted discrepancies in my ability to balance on my right side. It was a good, active healing practice.

Here’s the thing. I recorded it. And I made a video on YouTube. And that video is still being uploaded. Or something. So tomorrow, I will share that video with you. Because – Hakuna Matata. Little Miss Toddler Girl is watching the Lion King. Just as I was about to get upset about this post, Timon and Pumba reminded me of their trouble free philosophy. It means no worries. And man are they right! Blog post is complete. And now I can join Little Miss Toddler Girl on the couch for snuggles. Good end for a day of healing.

Goodnight dear readers. Have a beautiful night! May sleep be ever in your favor!

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