Day 45: Laugh Out Loud Sunday

It’s Sunday. After a long week and three nights of struggling with insomnia, I finally slept through the night. Well, I finally collapsed into a deep sleep from intense exhaustion. Regardless, I got the much needed sleep I’ve been needing and I am looking forward to resting up for the week ahead.

Today I want to leave you with something incredibly funny, with many truths. This video popped up in my social media feed. It has nothing to do with insomnia, or healing from depression. But it is hysterical and has everything to do with the male versus female brain. If you are a human being who is consistently perplexed by the opposite sex, Mark Gungor will hopefully help you sort through some of the confusion. And he does it in the most humorous way. I hope you belly laugh as much as I did!

As always dear readers, have a beautiful, blessed day! Much love, many hugs. Namaste <3

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