Day 43: Two Nights of Insomnia Won’t Knock Me Down

The last couple of nights have been rough. Two nights in a row, I had slept until about 2:30am. And then boom…awake! Sometimes when I am struggling with insomnia, I wake up fully in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. But this was not the case these last couple nights. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning completely exhausted. So on both occasions, I sifted through my tool box for some coping mechanisms. Two nights ago, I chose to meditate to bring relaxation back into my body. I could feel the anxiety shifting away and at some point I fell back asleep. I had a great deal of tension to contend with along my spine yesterday, but I otherwise found the day manageable.

Last night was a little different. I woke up and couldn’t get anxiety to stay away from me in the bed. So I moved to the couch and meditated there, sitting upright for a few minutes, then eventually settling into a reclined position. At some point again, I fell asleep until 7am.

Sometimes the Universe presents us with challenges to show how us just how far we’ve come. It was not too long ago that two nights of insomnia would throw me off for days. I would have unwanted visits from panic, anxiety, and depression. I am so happy to report that two nights of insomnia have not thrown me off. I was able to manage the wakefulness, guide myself back into a restful state, wake up at the usual time, get Little Miss Toddler Girl off to school, attend an aerial yoga class, and prepare for a meeting I have this morning. All before writing this blog post. The Universe is showing me that I got this, I am in the driver’s seat. I am healing from depression. And that it will take a lot more than a little lost sleep to impede my progress. Grateful doesn’t cover how I feel in this moment.

Dear readers – I hope your day is starting off well too! As always, thank you for being here. You keep me accountable on my healing journey. I appreciate you very much!

Much love, many hugs. Namaste <3


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