Day 41: My Work Published in CannaHealth Magazine

Today I want to shine the spotlight on this digital magazine that I not only write for, I learn so much from! August’s issue of CannaHealth Magazine centers on minorities. Click on the image below to be taken directly to my article, but please peruse the whole issue when you get a chance.unnamed

This magazine features articles and information provided by the top health professionals in the cannabis/medical cannabis space. I am proud to be a regular contributing writer for this publication, but more than this, I am proud to “stand” shoulder to shoulder with these incredible health professionals who are leading the charge toward improved wellness by advocating for the therapeutic use of this remarkable plant.

Special shout out to Brittany Whiters and Ciara Jenkins – fellow nurses and also the editors for CannaHealth Magazine. Thank you for this incredible opportunity to be a regular contributing writer for your awesome publication! And as if these ladies weren’t already impressive, they also head up an exclusive staffing company that specializes in recruiting and educating highly competent and compassionate physicians for medical marijuana practices. Want to know more? Check out Revolutionary Tactics here.

As always dear readers, I wish you a bright and beautiful day! Much love, many hugs. Namaste. ❤


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