Day 28: The Hormonal Shift is Coming

It’s happening. It’s coming. I’ve had just enough time to feel grounded, productive, energetic. And now the monthly hormone shift is happening. I noted it last night as I experienced night terrors of sorts. My dear husband said that at some point, he thought I was having the falling dream as I must have jolted. I don’t really know what the terrors were about, I just know that I had them. At some point, I remember jumping at the ceiling fan slowly circulating above our bed. But I don’t remember much else.

So today has been interesting thus far. I woke up feeling pretty anxious, worried about things that are out of my control, and things that are in my control. Considering this flow chart helps me often, but not today. Anxiety followed me around as I tried to shake it off.


I tried to meditate, but my heart was racing and I couldn’t focus on breath. I was quickly heading to panic, so I medicated with 3 inhales of Nebula II – a CBD-rich strain. And I proceeded with a medicated meditation sit. I got my heart rate down by maintaining focus on deepening my breath. I inhaled for a count of 8, and exhaled for a count of 8. Even breaths evened me out. I feel much better.

I’m never sure when PMS will show back up, drop her heavy bags, and start slapping me around. I’m definitely keeping track of this destructive bitch during this healing journey though! So I should have a better idea of when she’s coming going forward. I didn’t put these pieces together until I started considering today’s blog post.

So tomorrow, I will start using my sample pack from Mary’s Nutritionals because I now know that PMS is setting up in the guest room. And I have to make sure that she understands that she can’t just show up and interrupt my life. I get it, she needs to be here to prepare for this part of the lunar cycle. Or as I like to call it, my Exclamation Point. Yes…Nerdy grammar joke. Period is so boring anyway. And really underestimates this monthly occurrence for many women. Sooo ⇒ !!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhow, I know that hormonal shifts have to happen so this cycle can continue. Because womanhood and survival of the species, blah blah blah. BUT…PMS needs to know that she’s NOT ALLOWED to invite anxiety and depression over. I don’t have time for unwanted guests. And now is my chance to see if these hemp-derived CBD products will help. Dear readers, I will let you know how it goes!

As always dear readers, thank you for being here. Please have a beautiful day, I will do my best to do the same! Namaste. <3

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