Day 11: The Best Laid Plans…

So let’s see…Yesterday was a wonderful day! We went to a very fun party complete with giant inflatable water slide, bouncy house, pizza, cake, and ice cream. We didn’t get home until after 7pm. So there was no meal planning, no food prep for the week. We were in bed a little after 9pm and sleeping shortly after. We slept well despite a skunk deciding to scare the chickens sometime in the middle of the night. Once again, dear hubby was up to assess the situation. And thankfully, it was only a skunk who was sniffing around the chicken coop. Back to sleep we went.

To keep with the theme of plans not going as, well, planned – Little Miss Toddler Girl woke up at 7am and got up with me. So there was no yoga and meditation practice this morning as a result. Just some snuggling on the couch while watching Trolls. And since there is an unknown, but finite amount of snuggles that will be given from this tiny human who will not always be tiny, I took a deep breath and held my sweet daughter close. For all the sips this kid takes from my cup, her snuggles fill it up quickly. This Mama is grateful and will take her snuggles any time she can get them.   unnamed-2

As you can see, I am off my regularly scheduled program. The only thing to do at this point is adapt and modify the program for today. Tonight is my night to attend a yoga class, and I’ll sneak in a short meditation sit at some point, probably when (if) Little Miss Toddler Girl naps.

As far as meal planning and prep – It’s a rainy Monday morning and I am hoping that my daughter will let me get some of these tasks finished so I can start implementing this plan. Tomorrow she goes to daycare, so if I don’t get to anything today, it’s okay. I’ll get my to-do list checked off tomorrow.

In writing this, I realize how far I’ve already come in these eleven days. Before, in the throes of depression and anxiety, these events would have completely thrown me for a loop. Coping would’ve been challenging, and I would’ve spent a good chunk of this day ruminating on my interrupted plans. Changes are happening. I am adapting. My mind and body are healing from depression. Thank goodness.

Wishing everyone a Happy Monday! May your plans come to fruition. Or if that doesn’t happen – may your plan B work out to be even better! Namaste dear readers! <3

My Mental House – Plans & Goals for Healing from Depression

Goal — To Gain Clarity

Plan — Meditate for at least 10 minutes daily, eventually expanding on the amount of time a couple minutes per day, with 20 minutes of daily meditation being the target sit time.  

More Plans — Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Lights out by 10pm and wake up at 7am would be a good starting point for me. 

Goal — To Reduce and Prevent Insomnia

Plan – No electronic devices before meditation/yoga practice in the morning. No electronic devices for at least one hour before bedtime. 

Plan – Read more books instead of staring at electronic devices, especially at night

Goal — To Relieve Depressed Mood, Anxiety Symptoms, and Relieve Pain

Plan — Move!!!! Yoga, Swim, Walk

Yoga — Attend at least 2 classes a week, practice most days of the week for a minimum of 15 minutes a day. Practice in the morning after waking. May precede meditation. I’ll be attending a class tonight!!!

Swim — 10–20 laps 2–3x per week  

Walk — Walk daily — sometime during the day. Just get out and walk. 

More Plans — Medicate with cannabis as needed.

  • 1-3 inhales from a vaporizer with a CBD-rich strain first thing in the morning if panic/anxiety/pain not relieved by self care bodywork is on board
  • 2–3 inhales from a vaporizer with an indica-dominant strain by 7:30pm to reduce tension and promote sleep. – Work in progress, open to suggestions for sure!

Goal — To Nourish My Body To Heal Up From Depression, Anxiety, and Panic

In the morning — Smoothie (I have a kefir, kombucha, Vega Protein Powder, and Amazing Grass Superfood smoothie every morning.)

And to keep things simple, I’ve invested in this book to help me get on a better track with nourishing my body. I eat relatively well, but I could certainly use more fresh foods and less convenient carbohydrates. My dear friend and I will be following this plan together. Meal planning and prep for the week is on the to-do list. 


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