My Latest Interview With High Times

As Fratoni points out, over 90% of people with periods suffer from debilitating symptoms every month, and cannabis can provide great relief.

“It’s important for women to explore with different cannabis products to determine what works best for them. It’s also imperative that women up the ante in the self-care department prior to the start of their menstrual cycle to improve the outcome,” she says, pointing out that cannabis is not a cure-all, “Cannabis is a tool for improving symptoms, but for many women – severe PMS symptoms provide evidence of disharmony that needs to be explored, discovered, and treated at the root for optimal health and well-being throughout the lifespan.”

What Pregnant Cannabis Users Need To Know About Toxicology Screenings

“Every pregnant person has the right to advocate for their needs. Every pregnant person has the right to work with health providers who prioritize prenatal care services that are compassionate and nonjudgmental,” says Fratoni, “One risk that must be considered is the very real possibility that health providers may report their cannabis use to Child Protective Services (CPS) which can have both social and legal implications.”